Copernicus’s hair

You are looking through a book and find a strand of hair. Nothing really exciting, you might think. But please consider it twice before to throw it away. Why? Because you are not in what we can call a “regular” place but at the Cultural Heritage Group, Uppsala University Library. Rather keep this relic of the past and send it to the laboratory for an analysis. Who knows? It could turn out to be Copernicus’s hair. This is actually a true story that happened a couple of years ago. There is indeed a great collection of Copernicus’s books at the library. If you are interested in the life and work of the Polish mathematician and astronomer, you can consult the books in the special reading room. An outstanding journey in the XV century, for sure! 

Approximately once a week, an article will be online. As a French intern at the Cultural Heritage Information Section, I’ll try to make you discover the daily life of the Group, behind the scenes.



The Copernicus Collection:

The Special Reading Room:


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  1. Well, it is really nice reading you in the language of Shakespeare! Congratulation for your first post, it makes me want to know more about it…


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